CRR & CRS Registry

“Country Rock Regular” & “Country Rock Stereo” ES-335 TD

Today, July 2nd, 2011, I trade both of my CRRs for a ’60 Les Paul Special. They’ll be missed, but I will be playing this far more than those two guitars. I’ll continue to maintain this page, CRRs are amazing instruments and should be cherished.

In 1979, Gibson along with others, Gibson released two new ES-335 models; the CRR and the CRS which stood for “Country Rock Regular” and “Country Rock Stereo” respectively. With their high output Dirty Fingers pickups, designed by Tim Shaw, these guitars seemed aimed for one thing only: very loud and very driven sound. In practice they turned out to be a far more subtle and versatile instrument.

Limited to a run of 300 each, the each of the guitars were meticulously crafted. Both guitars featured cream binding, pick guard, and exposed pickups. The three piece maple neck with medium block inlays on a cream bound rosewood fretboard. The tuning heads were Grover rotomatics and the nut came out of the factory in brass. In addition, the bridges featured brass saddles and a Gibson TP-6 fine tuning tail piece.

The CRR’s exposed coil Dirty Fingers pickups had cream bobbins to match the rest of the instrument’s styling. Dirty Fingers pickups were equipped with two rows of adjustable pole pieces. This feature was done with coil tapping in mind, so that the output of the tapped coil could be adjusted to match the overall output of the pickup. The CRR had a standard two volume, two tone wiring scheme, with the factory installed coil tap located at the treble horn cutaway and the pickup selector knob near the bridge.

The CRS was slightly different in appearance with it’s covered pickups. Though they were Dirty Fingers, only one row was accessible to adjustment, despite the factory coil tap. The CRS also varied in that it came with a master volume and two tone knobs. It also featured a mono and a stereo input jack, giving it its name.

While the CRR was limited to a finish dubbed Antique Burst by Gibson, the CRS came in Country Tobacco, Dixie Burst and solid Black.

Each CRR/CRS I’ve played has featured a different neck profile. The two I own are vastly different, one being a 60’s slim neck, the other being a flatter, more ’70s style Norlin influenced neck. While I prefer the slim taper neck on some applications, the wider neck is better suited for slide playing to me.

Useful Links for more info on the Country Rock Regular.

Fast Forward to 2:30 to see a CRR in action.

CRR and CRS Registry


CRR 72849019 10/11/79 #019 $1,950.00 Seattle, WA 100% original jkk
CRR 71349009 05/14/79, #009 $1900.00 Seattle, WA 100% original jkk
CRR 71189108 04/28/79, #108 Last seen, Hoboken Guitars, 1990s. 100% original
CRR 71349063 05/14/79, #063 Denver, CO 100% original Wilywelch335
CRR 71349015 05/14/79, #015 Westminster, UK added p/u covs 1979crr
CRR 71189141 04/28/79, #141 $2,995.00 Marietta, GA 100% original ebay (did not sell)
CRR 71439181 05/26/79, #181 $3,300.00 Brookfield, WI Pickguard / knobs not original ebay (did not sell)

71439121 05/23/79, #121 Highlands Ranch, CO Classic 57 pickups (saved Dirty Fingers) Thomas Cleveland
CRR 71439151 05/23/79, #151

Gregory Simmons
CRR 71209015 April `79, #15

Ebay: guitvintage


CRS 71359075 05/15/79, #075 $2,900.00 ebay did not sell 100% original
CRS 71219112 05/01/79, #112 2850 Euro Kilkenny, IRL sold in 2006 100% original didn’t sell.
CRS 71289099 05/08/79, #099 $3k (asking), $3.5k BIN (unsold)

Muldrow, OK, United States Ebay user: gandolff
CRS n/a (prototype) 1978 $2,199 ebay (unsold)

Duarte CA, US Ebay user: jacqueslilavois
CRS Unknown 1978 $2,600 ebay (unsold)

Dallas, TX US Black! Ebay user:dallasvintageguitars

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  1. tom says:

    I have a crr, how do I register it like you have others above? tom.

  2. sangandongo says:

    Simply email me the serial number, where you live, and anything else you want to add. I’ll put you on the list. I want to account for as many CRRs as possible. Also, let me know if it’s all original, or if anything has been changed on it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thomas Cleveland says:

    Gibson ES-335 CRR
    Serial Number 71439121
    Kalamazoo Plant, USA
    May 23rd, 1979
    Production Number: 121

    have original pickups, classic 57’s in, otherwise all original.

  4. Thomas Cleveland says:

    oh, highlands ranch, colorado.

  5. I put mine on the cover of amy first CD in 2005. Notice the phase switch missing? Thank you Photoshop. Serial number 71439151. Guitar now belongs to a family member with a covenant to never sell.

  6. jkk says:

    @ Gregory Simmons
    funny. you’re guitar was made on the same date as the guy who submitted just before you. yours was #151, his was #121 in the production of all guitars for that day. – By the way, the switch you removed in Photoshop was a coil tap to make the pickups single coil; not phase. (unless you rewired it.)

  7. Single coil, yes. Never rewired the guitar – it’s unchanged since i bought it new. These guitars sound beautiful if you lower the pickups. My CD has received a lot of good comments on the tone of the guitar from the press. That’s the ES-335 CRR straight into the board most of the time!

  8. Kevin says:

    I traded a PRS for mine sometime in 2004. 100% original as far as I can tell. Serial# 71499045

  9. CRR


    May 23rd, 1979 #119


    Houston Texas

    All Original

    Jerry Cochran

  10. François says:

    Thank you for your blog ! Very interesting.
    Well, I live in France, but go back to Mississippi each and every year. I lately bought this guitar :

    Dated december 1978… What do you think ? Stamp on back of the headstock : “original gibson prototype”. Do you know what it means ?

    If you want more pictures, let me know.

    I fell in love with my 335 CRR, for the reasons you explained.

    Best regards.

  11. jkk says:

    Jerry Cochran :
    May 23rd, 1979 #119
    Houston Texas
    All Original
    Jerry Cochran

    $3,200 is absurdly overpriced, unfortunately. I’ve never actually seen one sell for more than $2,200.00.

  12. jkk says:

    François :

    Thank you for your blog ! Very interesting.
    Well, I live in France, but go back to Mississippi each and every year. I lately bought this guitar :

    Dated december 1978… What do you think ? Stamp on back of the headstock : “original gibson prototype”. Do you know what it means ?

    If you want more pictures, let me know.

    I fell in love with my 335 CRR, for the reasons you explained.

    Best regards.

    Yours would be the second prototype I’ve seen. There was one on United States Ebay for quite some time, but the owner was far too proud of it and was asking too much. Glad to hear about another!

  13. François says:

    About my CRR :
    serial number :73388128 10/11/79 #019 $2,050.00 Marseilles, France 100% original

    About what you say : I’ve seen another prototype lately on US ebay, but seemed to be a CRS (?).
    Do you think it’s possible to place covers on the pick-ups ? Interference possible with adjustable pole pieces, but how they did on CRS ?

  14. François says:

    Sorry I mispasted my post. Wrong date, sorry… But Serial number is right…

  15. jkk says:

    I have seen the CRS prototype on the USA ebay. Thats probably what I was thinking of. Interesting that you have a CRR prototype.

    If yours has covers, they may not be original pickups, or they may be CRS type DFs. I couldn’t be sure unless I looked at it first hand. Hopefully they’re original.

  16. François says:

    The pickups are orginal, without cover. I was just wondering if I could place covers on it now. What do you think ? Would it alterate the sound ?

  17. jkk says:

    François :
    The pickups are orginal, without cover. I was just wondering if I could place covers on it now. What do you think ? Would it alterate the sound ?

    In theory, it will attenuate the sound a bit. The tone may darken a little, but I doubt it will be noticeable, considering the power of the Dirty Fingers. They’re very high output pickups.

  18. Alan O'Brien says:

    I have been offered a ES335TD blonde colour serial No. 72009137. The guy is looking for 2000 Euro what I want to know is this a good price.

  19. jkk says:

    That’s a regular ES-335TD, not a CRR: I’m no expert, but I imagine 2000 Euro is a good price if the guitar is in good shape and all original.

  20. Gary says:

    I have a CRS 335TD Serial no. 71289100 seems all org with org case

  21. Kris Heising says:

    I have one on it’s way to my house right now! It’s going to be a long couple of days waiting! Serial 372229136

  22. Brad says:

    CRS TD, No. 71429100, owned it a long time, can’t remember when I bought it or how much I paid for it. All stock.

  23. andrea says:

    searching the web I’v seen you have an ES 335 ’79.
    I’m searching this model: GIBSON 335-PRO, sunburst color, produced in the period 1979-1982 with Dirty Finger blacks pickups.
    If you have this model and you are interested to sell it I can make an offer to buy it!

    Contact ne only here:

    I wait news.



  24. Kirby says:

    I have just acquired a 1979 ES-335TD CRS, Tobacco Sunburst in extra fine condition. Serial # 71429072
    Purchased/traded in 2011 from Gruhn Guitars in Nashville for a ’73Guild F412 & $1400 ($2750 on tag.) Gruhn’s rated it EXF, which is 1 small step below mint.
    The guitar is now in Memphis, TN.

  25. Kirby says:

    PS: I forgot to say it is 99.5% original. Gruhn put a bone nut on it, an improvement in my book…

  26. Joe Marshall says:

    I bought the guitar from Tom Cleveland and have had the original Dirty Fingers pickups reinstalled.

  27. Rob Cameron says:

    ES335 CRR
    Ser#: 71499102
    Original Owner: Rick Page Giles
    New Owner and Friend of Rick’s: Rob Cameron
    History: Giles played this guitar professionally, an believed to have bought the guitar new. At his passing, was handed down to Fernandez, childhood best friend and professional player. Have photograph if interested

  28. Cory says:

    I have a Gibson ES335 CRR # 71349040. Bought it about 10yrs ago, not sure what I paid. Guitar is 100% original and good shape with a few character dings but did not come with the original case. It is my only electric for now and don’t plan on selling it. Sounds great through my mesa maverick 2×12! Houston, Texas area.

  29. James says:

    Hi, great to see this register. I’ve got a black CRS I bought when in Cleveland, Ohio about 9 yrs ago for around $900. It’s been well used and completely stock with original case. Slim tapered neck. S/n 71429088. I didn’t know anything about this model. I just wanted a good 335. She now lives in South Wales, UK.

  30. Paul says:

    Hey John… its Paul, I sat next to you at the guitar show yesterday. I saw you had some CRR’s… I use to have one as well! I sold it to a guy in Florida around 2008 or so… were you that guy? If so, talk about a small world 🙂 Also, let me know if your friend is interested in my 76′ Strat. Thanks! -Paul

  31. jkk says:


    That’s hilarious and a bit of an eery coincidence. I miss my CRRs, but I traded them both for that Les Paul Special. I think I came out ahead. I’ll let you know in the next couple days whether Kristen is going to get the Strat. She lost her phone on Friday, which is why she didn’t make it out or respond to the texts. I’ll be in touch one way or another.

    Until soon,

  32. Paul says:

    haha. Wow, that is incredible and like something right outta that tv show ‘Lost’. I guess I’ve sold more guitars than I thought over the years!

  33. jkk says:

    Hey Paul,

    Finally got a chance to show it to her last night. She knows it’s on Craig’s List, so I’m going to leave it up to her to do – but she’s a flake as you saw first hand. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


  34. Paul says:

    Thanks John! Take it easy.

  35. Stevie says:

    Hi. I LOVE this site and was able to get excited about finding one of the country rock regulars. I had a first reissue dot ES335 from 1980 from 1986-1991 and regret the day I sold it…but now I found a CRR in my local guitar store and it is a a little odd and worth mention….this CRR is from the 291th day of 1980. I thought these were only made in 1979. Have you heard of Gibson putting these out as late as the 2nd half of 1980? It meets all CRR specs but the neck SN is 1980. Also, the tag inside body is square instead of ovals like I have seen. Any thoughts or concerns on this? I plan to buy it since it sounds great. It is pretty beat up. really beat up. still I am a player not a collector.

  36. Christopher says:

    Serial #71349092
    100% Original
    Currently (03/20/13) In Music Go Round Greenfield
    Current Selling Price $1899.99

  37. David Oropallo says:

    I stumbled across this site, I have a 1978 ESS-335 CRR, serial 71509060. I have been told there are only 100 of them made, nice little treasure.

  38. David Oropallo says:

    Now that I investigated the serial number for my self I see the guitar was made on May 30, 1979, so the information I was given was wrong.

  39. jkk says:

    300, actually.

  40. Richard says:

    Thanks for all the info! I have some questions about a CRR I’m looking at. Should the tuners, bridge and tailpiece be chrome or nickle plated? Nashville or ABR-1 bridge? Seller wants $2700, will get serial for you if I look at it.

  41. jkk says:

    That’s far too expensive, in my opinion. I’d say $2200 is about right for a CRR right now, though I never paid for than $1850 for any of mine. The tuners should be nickel keystones and it’s a Nashville bridge.

    Good luck, let me know how it works out.

  42. Tim Meyer says:

    I bought my ES 335 CRR new in 1979 in Indianapolis and played very little until last year after falling in love with playing the guitar again. Took it to a pro for setup after sitting in its case for 25 years and he said very little was required. Just a dream to play.

    SN# 71449063

  43. Chuck Klee says:

    1979 CRR & OHSC
    Serial #71439138
    100% Original & minty
    South Haven Guitars, Alaska
    Current Selling Price – taking offers

  44. Peter says:

    I found a CRR in the Netherlands and bought it.
    Serial nr. 71349095, all original except for the truss rod cover.

  45. John Priscu says:

    Purchased 2 years ago in Bozeman, MT. Has gold hardware, which may not be stock. Ebony nut. Pickups look like 57 classics. Sticker inside f-hole says ES335TD CRR (CRR is hand written). Beautiful guitar. SN#71189107.