’57 Nobel Twin Twelve

This is actually a DanElectro rebranded for the Nobel Accordion company from Chicago. Don Nobel contracted out DanElectro to make for him some amps for his accordion and guitar line. Hey later contracted Estey amps of Magnatone fame to do a different line.

This amp is actually a DanElectro model 1396 with a beautiful two tone tolex.

Noble Amp / Accordion History

Don E. Noble was a known accordionist in pre-war Chicago. As such he was acquainted with the Italian families (mostly immigrated from the Castelfidardo area) that dominated the accordion industry in the Middle-West — importers, distributors, retailers, repairers and even manufacturers. Don E. Noble himself entered the distribution business in the late 30’s. His Don Noble & Company Inc. was very successful in the post-WW-II years, flooding America with excellent instruments from Italy. Who made those Noble-branded accordions is not known, some of them remind Dallapé designs but many others look strangely like Excelsior or Crucianelli models.
At any rate, when time came to switch to electric guitars, Don E. Noble was among the very first ones to import Italian solid bodies in USA. He sold Crucianellis for about one year, then he signed an agreement with Wandré for which he is mainly remembered.
Noble distributed under his own brand accordion amplifiers that also could fit for guitars and basses. Unsurprisingly, they look closely like other amps made by Estey for Magnatone and especially for Imperial Tonemaster, PANcordion/PANaramic and a large part of the Italian-American accordion connection generally speaking.

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  1. jkk says:

    After research, this is more likely to be a DanElectro 1392, simply based on the year it was produced. 1396s were available in ’59, the 1392 was around in ’57.