’63 Gibson Melody Maker

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  2. ed says:

    I have a 1963 double pickup with tail piece that I replace the bridge almost exactly like yours. Had to rework it to make it fit the Gibson studs. Thnew ones that came with the bridge were different threads and I idn’t want to pull the original ones off for fear of damaging the guitar and finish. I love the guitar, It stays in tune and fingers great. Only problem is the pickups hum teribly.

  3. jkk says:

    Hi Ed,

    My guess is that when you replaced the studs, the ground wire came off. That, or it broke of a while ago. I have a temporary fix on mine until I can more permanently rewire the ground. What you can do is take a wire and solder it to the end of the ground wire in the hole coming into the wiring cavity. Affix the other end to the back of one of the pots. Then solder a wire from each of the back your pots to all the others. V1->T1-T2->V2 should suffice.

    After that, your hum should disappear.